Members play 100,000 rounds in 2017 | Youth on Course

Members play 100,000 rounds in 2017

Youth on Course members have played more than 100,000 rounds at $5 or less in 2017! …and the year isn’t over just yet.

A record-breaking year, membership numbers and partnerships have grown approximately 50 percent since January 2017. Drawing 10,000 new active junior golfers and increasing offerings to six new participating associations, Youth on Course has 30,000-plus members and operates at 600 golf courses across 19 states and regions. The organization awarded $315,000 in college scholarships this year, up from $244,000 in 2016, with the sum total exceeding $1.2 million.

Born in Northern California, Youth on Course helps fund rounds of golf for members to increase affordability and accessibility to the game. The organization strives to be in all 50 states soon.

“We are on a mission to inspire the 2.9 million golfers ages 6-17 who are starting the game earlier in life,” says Adam Heieck, Youth on Course Executive Director. “Thanks to our increasing state, association and local partners, we are dedicated to making a significant difference in young people’s lives while strengthening the game.”

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