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Youth on Course members driving change

We created DRIVE Club in partnership with TaylorMade to identify, foster and support diverse young golfers on their journey with the game and to allow Youth on Course members to share their expertise and experiences with their peers.

Golf is becoming more diverse, but we believe the sport can evolve more rapidly by empowering young people to drive that change.

DRIVE Club empowers its members to introduce their peers to the sport by guiding them on their first rounds of golf. Using a green to tee approach, new golfers can actually play golf from the start and enjoy all of the things avid golfers love: being outdoors, socializing, developing new skills, and building relationships.

For many young people, the barrier that keeps them from giving golf a try is not having a knowledgeable friend or family member to introduce them to the game and mentor them along the way. Junior golfers are the most diverse demographic within the sport so there’s no one better equipped to introduce more youth of color to golf.

Note: DRIVE Club is open to active YOC members ages 12 to 18.

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How it Works

  • DRIVE Club members receive an orientation from Youth on Course and Team TaylorMade
  • You will lead beginners during their first rounds of golf and get them on the course walking, talking, and enjoying the aspects of the game anyone can enjoy
  • The new golfers you invite will be eligible for a trial Youth on Course membership good for 5 complimentary rounds of golf with you
  • You’ll spread the word to friends and family and encourage them to sign up for Youth on Course to learn and fall in love with the game

What You'll Receive

  • Special swag from TaylorMade Golf upon acceptance
  • Complimentary rounds of golf when serving as an on-course guide for new golfers
  • Community service hours
  • Mentorship and support from golf industry professionals to help you stay on a path to success on and off the course
  • The opportunity to earn special equipment, apparel, and other items
  • And more!

Join or renew today to receive all the benefits of being a YOC member