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A YOC membership offers more than $5 rounds of golf. Learn about our opportunities beyond the green.

Connection with others is one of the great benefits of the game, and it’s amplified even more by our core purpose.

Youth on Course provides opportunities to introduce members to lifelong supporters and mentors through the YOC Internship and Caddie Programs, and much like our subsidized rounds, we help take cost out of the equation by subsidizing their salaries to ensure young people have access to experiences that will last them a lifetime.

Internship Program

Through our paid summer internship program, Youth on Course members have the opportunity to become immersed in the daily operations of a golf course as they gain valuable experience for the future and relationships to last a lifetime.

Youth on Course helps subsidize the intern' salaries which help provide experience in club operations, retail, food and beverage and more, along with guidance and mentorship along the way.

2022 Applications Closed.

Caddie Program

Our caddie program gets members even closer to the game through a summer job filled with connections, growth and life lessons learned on the course.

We help our new caddies prepare for their very first loop through our orientation program, and the caddie experience leaves participants feeling more connected to the game, better at course management and feeling more confident networking and having conversations with adults.

2022 Applications Closed.


The Youth on Course Leadership Council is a group of highly motivated YOC members who work together to increase YOC's impact across the country. It also provides a channel for YOC members to have a voice in matters that affect them.

2022 applications are now closed and will reopen in advance of the next school year.