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With more opportunities to play comes more opportunities for young people to learn the lessons that are taught in a way only a golf course can provide.


Put simply, we help eliminate one of golf's biggest barriers for young people, cost. Belonging to the YOC community gives members access to play more than 1,400 golf courses across North America for $5 or less, along with benefits and opportunities that support their journey with the game.

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Whether it's early morning, after school or twilight hours, our golf course partners offer up blocks of tee times throughout the week for YOC members to play for $5 or less. We subsidize the cost of our members' rounds to keep the price tag affordable, sending more families through our partner courses' doors.



Our work is possible thanks to our partnerships with Allied Golf Associations and a growing network of golf courses who support our mission. We subsidize rounds through donations from individuals and organizations who like us, believe that every young person deserves access to play golf regardless of cost or circumstance.

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We are proud to welcome distinguished YOC Alum, Elijah Collins, to the Youth on Course team! An impressive full circle journey, from YOC member to intern to caddie to scholar…Elijah has represented Youth on Course to the fullest and we look forward to his contributions to the organization as our Programs Coordinator. Welcome, Elijah!

“I joined Youth on Course when I was 12 years old, and it was the best decision I could have ever made. I was able to play, and later excel, in a sport that was previously not affordable for me or my family. Through Youth on Course, I was able to partake in the caddie program, the internship program, and was granted the Morton Scholarship, which made paying the expenses of college more feasible. My goal, now as a Youth on Course employee, is to continue growing the programs and help expand the reach of the organization. I also hope to integrate and build new programs to add to the list of benefits Youth on Course members can receive.”

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