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With more opportunities to play comes more opportunities for young people to learn the lessons that are taught in a way only a golf course can provide.


Put simply, we help eliminate one of golf's biggest barriers for young people, cost. Belonging to the YOC community gives members access to play nearly 2,000 golf courses across North America for $5 or less, along with benefits and opportunities that support their journey with the game.

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Whether it's early morning, after school or twilight hours, our golf course partners offer up blocks of tee times throughout the week for YOC members to play for $5 or less. We subsidize the cost of our members' rounds to keep the price tag affordable, sending more families through our partner courses' doors.



Our work is possible thanks to our partnerships with Allied Golf Associations and a growing network of golf courses who support our mission. We subsidize rounds through donations from individuals and organizations who like us, believe that every young person deserves access to play golf regardless of cost or circumstance.

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When asked why they were playing 100 holes, here’s what some of our Pinehurst Hikers had to say ⛳️

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That feeling knowing that every YOC member has affordable access to rounds of golf and the opportunities that come with that 😎 When you get the chance to play, you get the chance to soar.

Youth on Course members have access to rounds of golf for $5 or less at over 1,800 golf course across North America.


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Affordable access to opportunities through golf - that’s what Youth on Course is all about. We’re excited about the upcoming YOC stories that will be shared on The Next Round!

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The Next Round is BACK! This month @willlowerygolf and @thedouglasfresh will be highlighting individuals who are making the game of golf more accessible and affordable for kids. Watch each week as they spotlight real people within the @yocgolf organization who are leading the change and creating more opportunities for kids everywhere.

Learn how you can support Youth on Course by visiting @yocgolf or their website. You can also donate to Youth on Course when you round-up your tee time booked on @golfnow

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We are so proud of YOC Alum and Scholar Anh-Dao Do for being named one of the 2022 Evans Scholars of the Year.

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I wanted to proudly announce that I was named the 2022 Evans Scholar of the Year. I would like to dedicate this honor to the organizations that have given me the opportunity to prove myself as a leader in my community: the First Tee, First Tee of Greater Kansas City, Youth on Course, Kansas Junior Golf Association, and most importantly, the Western Golf Association.

My story as a caddie first began when I was looking for a job as a freshman in high school. My First Tee chapter had recommended the caddie program at Indian Hills Country Club, and the first person who I had met was my mentor, Jack Holland. Ever since, I caddied through brutal cold winters and blazing hot summers until I felt qualified as a caddie to apply to the Evans Scholarship.

Being an Evans Scholar changed my life tremendously. It is a $125,000 worth scholarship that provides caddies with housing and covers the costs for tuition. I attended KU and met remarkable people at the Kansas Evans Chapter. It was my second family and my second home. My journey through college was a wild ride, however, the support I had from my fellow peers helped me overcome my obstacles. I was able to graduate in three years with a degree in Chemistry! Now, I will be returning as the Graduate Resident Advisor at the Kansas Evans Chapter and I’ll witness my peers leave their legacy for the next couple of years.

Thanks Chick! And thank you to everyone who pushed me to strive beyond my own expectations for myself ❤️💙! Rock Chalk!

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