Getting on the Golf Course may be the Ticket for Future Success

As parents, we’d do anything for our kids. We want them to have healthy, happy childhoods and grow into well-rounded adults who can care for themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Of course, we also want them to have good study habits and develop a solid work ethic, so they can find their niche and someday support themselves.

Finally, we want them to be good people – who know how to form relationships with others and care for and respect the people they meet.

It turns out that the golf course might be our best friend when it comes to raising kids. Let’s look at how getting our kids to the golf course naturally gives them the fundamental skills and social awareness needed to be successful adults. 

  1. Etiquette & Social Graces – Golf trains kids to act appropriately on the course, at the clubhouse, and in social situations. Our kids are expected to follow the rules of play and conduct – both are non-negotiable in golf. In addition, when at the golf course, kids are exposed to people of all ages and from all walks of life. They see examples of how golfers relate to each other – while playing and while interacting around the course. These social graces will serve our kids well in future situations on the golf course and beyond.
  2. Sportsmanship – Young golfers learn how to handle bad & good rounds – both for themselves and those they’re playing with. Golfers see that while the game is an individual sport, they still need to respect, encourage, and support fellow players no matter what the circumstances of the game.
  3. Patience – Golf can be a frustrating sport and require long hours of practice.  In addition, rounds require patience because, as we all know, play can sometimes be slow or not as smooth as we’d like. By developing the ability to calmly handle what’s happening around them, golfers become more patient with themselves, others, and the game itself.
  4. Grace – Golf teaches our kids how to handle a compliment, give a compliment, stay poised under pressure, and modestly handle oneself on the course.
  5. Skill – Golf builds athletic skills and trains golfers to use strategy and common sense as they tackle a variety of shots on the course and play in many different conditions.
  6. Culture & human nature – Golf exposes our kids to different courses around the world & the opportunity to play with golfers of different backgrounds and abilities, thus showing them that there’s a huge world out there waiting for them. The game also exposes kids to different ways of handling situations and different viewpoints.
  7. The art of networking and socializing – The golf course is the perfect setting to teach kids the importance of relationships for personal and business success. With golf as the common denominator, kids can see how connections made while golfing can extend beyond the course.
  8. Persistence – Golf teaches kids that not all things in life come instantly or easily. They see they must work hard to improve and stick with the game to grow as a golfer.  

With a Youth on Course membership, access to these golf life lessons are within reach for all kids – regardless of their economic background – by providing affordable access to the game both on and off of the golf course. These are the perks of a YOC membership, making it a fabulous way to ensure your child is learning valuable lessons and making memories to last a lifetime.

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