Alumni Member J.T. B.

Youth on Course got in a "Quick 9" with Alumni Network member J.T. B. who is from Carmel California. 

1. Who introduced you to the game of golf? 
I got introduced to golf by one of my friends in
middle school. I just remember how bad I was
in the beginning but it was rewarding when I
would have a couple good shots and it made me
keep wanting to come back and get better.

2. How did you get involved with Youth on Course?
I was going out and golfing a lot and because it was
on my dad‘s dime, he was looking for alternative
ways for me to golf at an affordable price. He
discovered Youth on Course and we signed up, and
I’ve been associated with them ever since. 

3. Besides getting to play golf for $5 or less, what impact has Youth on Course made on your life thus far?
Golf is how I get out in nature and can be in a
meditative space. It’s another way for me to
compete, which I love.

4. Who would be in your ideal golf foursome?
Stephen Curry, Alex Smith and Buster Posey. I
was a three sport athlete growing up and being
from Northern California, these guys were my
three idols.

5. Besides playing golf, what else do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy reading, hiking and playing pickup basketball.

6. Where do you attend college and what are you  majoring in?
I am at Cal playing football and studying economics.

7. What is your favorite club and why?

I love a 7-iron. I feel like it’s one of the more
diverse clubs in your bag.

8. Why did you join the Alumni Network?
I wanted to continue to be part of this Youth on
Course family and I am so excited to build
connections with the alumni and new young golfers!

9. What’s one random thing you always carry in your golf bag?
Being a baseball guy, there will never be a day on
the golf course without sunflower seeds.