Making New Friends Through YOC

While on a work trip in North Dakota, YOC staff member Tai Moran took his son, Seve, out for a round of golf at a Youth on Course facility. To their delight, they were paired up with 2 local YOC members!

Connecting with other young people and making new friends is one of the many benefits of being a part of the Youth on Course community.

Let's hear from Seve about this exciting experience making new friends during a YOC round.

It felt nice playing with other Youth on Course members. Earlier that morning, my dad had a meeting at Riverwood Golf Course so I had an opportunity to chip and putt and look at the course. The trees looked way different than the ones where I'm from. Later that day we traveled all the way to Minot, North Dakota and then we drove all the way back down. We got to the course around 7 pm but we still had enough time to play nine holes. So my Dad and I were playing best ball, it was just the two of us. We played the first hole and were waiting on the second hole, and there were some kids behind us, who finished their hole, and also happened to be playing best ball. My Dad asked if they would like to join, and after talking for a few minutes asked if they heard of Youth on Course.

They both smiled, and told us they were Youth on Course members!

So we linked up with them, we were kind of playing with them, but also against them. It was still fun either way. We played some holes. It was nice, it felt nice, because we were the same age, understood each other, and we were playing the game we liked. They talked about how grateful they were being able to use their Youth on Course membership to play.

It was my first time playing golf with other kids. All the other times I played golf, was with my Dad and other adults, so it felt nice. We all enjoyed that we were all together playing. Our skill levels were different, but we were also trying to show each other how good we were. It kind of reminded me of being on the playground at school with my friends, like when we play soccer or football. Like we were all trying to show each other how good we were - and what we could do.

So yeah, it was very nice out there, it felt like home.