A Spotlight on YOC Supporters, Kent and Ann Garrett

For Kent and Ann Garrett, supporting Youth on Course is a no-brainer. As the parents of three children (two sons and a daughter), they know the value of golf and want to play a role in helping more kids gain access to this lifetime sport. Kent understands this well, and appreciates how golf can be enjoyed as a family. He took up the game at 14, having learned the game from his local PGA pro, who is still a good friend today. Kent played competitively in high school and college, and now continues to play regularly with his sons. Ann participates in the sport by walking the course at her sons’ tournaments and practice rounds. 

The Garrett Family

Both Kent and Ann feel strongly about the benefits of golf for kids. Kent sums this sentiment up with, “We believe golf can benefit kids in so many ways, from character development when things don’t go your way or following the rules when nobody is watching, to the physical and mental refreshment that comes from enjoying God's great outdoors (instead of playing video games!).” 

Supporting Youth on Course is the Garrett’s way of giving more kids the ability to play, regardless of their financial backgrounds. “We give to YOC in hopes that we might play a small part in offering all kids an opportunity to learn and grow from the great game of golf, now and for a lifetime.” 

YOC in the Garrett Family 

Kent and Ann first heard about YOC In 2019. At the time, their oldest son Davis and his friends on the high school golf team were looking to significantly improve their game and wanted to play a lot of golf in the summer. The Garretts lived in the Lansing, MI area, where there are many courses offering YOC. Thanks to the variety of courses to play for $5, all of the boys had the opportunity to practice as much as they wanted. 

Practice Pays Off 

The Garretts were thrilled to see the boys’ efforts pay off.  “It’s especially meaningful now, as this group of boys won the Michigan State High School Championship as seniors in 2022, and YOC played a key role in helping them go from beginner golfers shooting in the 90s to playing at a high level and reaching their ultimate goal. YOC gives everyone an opportunity to play much more often than they’d otherwise be able.”

Davis Garrett

All in the Family 

For the Garretts, YOC didn’t stop with their oldest son Davis. “We have three kids with YOC memberships, including our two boys - Davis who’s 18, and Rye who is 9. Both boys are competitive golfers, while our fifteen year old daughter Reese plays the game casually. We love how YOC gives players at all levels the opportunity to play this great game. YOC offers an inexpensive way for all of them to sometimes play together, and with the small investment, our daughter can play only some of the holes if she wants!”

The youngest Garrett, Rye, hopes to repeat his older brother’s golf success, and is already thinking about his future in golf. Even at the age of 9, he’s competing in tournaments and hopes to play collegiately someday. 

The Garrett family has enjoyed playing at a variety of YOC courses. While living in Michigan, the kids often played at Meridian Sun and Forest Akers. Now living  in the Nashville area, the Garretts play the Little Course at Conner Lane often. 

The Garrett Family

Spreading the Word About Youth on Course

The Garretts want as many young golfers and their parents to hear about the opportunities provided by YOC as possible. “YOC is about making the game of golf accessible to all kids. Through their subsidization of green fees for kids, the financial barriers that have long been attached to golf can be broken down. By supporting YOC financially or by offering YOC at your course, you can play an active role in the lives of youth across the country and support their interest in the game of golf…and who knows what kind of positive impact golf could have on the next generation.”

A big thank you to Kent and Ann Garrett for their support of YOC, and best of luck to their family of young golfers!