Youth on Course | Play golf for $5 or less - Join today!

A $5 round is worth so much more.

We’re transforming the landscape of golf
and the lives of young people who play the game.

Transformational change starts with opportunity.

The price of a round of golf shouldn’t be a barrier for a young person who wants to play – that’s where Youth on Course comes in.

We provide our 140,000+ members with access to play nearly 2,000 golf courses for $5 or less, giving them opportunities to learn lessons that can be taught in a way only a golf course can. And beyond affordable golf, we provide opportunities for young people to get the support they need to succeed through our career prep, leadership and scholarship programs. 

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To date, Youth on Course has subsidized

over 2,000,000 rounds of golf

140,000+ Members

1,800 Participating

$8 Million saved by families

$2 Million in Scholarships Awarded

Become a YOC Facility

In our collective efforts to grow the game, one of the greatest barriers is cost. Together we can help ensure that young people in our communities can play golf affordably and enjoy more of the life-changing experiences our sport provides.

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