#YOCMonth | Ryston Snyder
YOC Stories:
Youth on Course Leadership Council Member,
Ryston Snyder

I’ve been playing golf for many years and something about golf never gets dull. Every game is refreshing and new with ups and downs. Sometimes you're on fire and sometimes we have a rough game with balls lost in water or grass. But one thing that never changes is the first tee. You walk up to hole 1 and meet with your group of friends or random players. You are all basking in the sun ready to start a round. You all shake hands and shake hands with courtesy and respect. Introducing one and other and asking simple questions like “How is your day” or “How long you’ve been playing golf". These simple things always happen in golf and always happen on the first tee. And low and behold by the 18th you're all smiling and talking like you’ve been friends for years. You all share information and play again or just say good game and go your separate ways. Golf has this unique trait where competitive or fun, you can always make friends on the course. You can always get to know your opponent and socialize despite the seriousness and quiet nature of the sport. Youth on Course has let me take part in this time and time again, I’ve met so many people like Dan, Jean, Chester, Caleb and many more. I’ve played on many courses with people I've never met who have been from the ages from teens to seniors and every time I find a way to bond and tell stories. Through Youth on Course I get to play and practice the sport I love while also meeting awesome people with unique stories and perspectives about life and the sport of golf.