The Power of Our Golf Families

The holiday season is a time spent with family, and as we know, there are many different kinds of families. Both young people and adults alike can belong to "families" based on our daily lives and interests. There are school families, work families, and sports families - the list is endless.  Whenever we get together with a common goal or interest, over time, those people start to feel like family.

Golf is no different - the game gives us the opportunity to become part of a golf family or, at the very least, get a “family feeling” with fellow golfers. As young people become more involved in golf, they, too, begin to feel that they're part of a golf family because of the many close relationships they develop as they learn and play the game. 

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The Many Members of a Golf Family 

Let’s think about all of the members of our child’s golf family. First, there's the golf instructor who might work with a golfer for many years. The instructor gets to know the young golfer’s golf style and personality and adjusts instruction based on the close relationship that’s established through years of lessons. Then there’s the coach, who develops golfers and cultivates a family feeling among golfers on the team, teaching the golfer that the contributions of one golfer do affect the team - they’re all in it together, a family.

As it turns out, there are many benefits to being a part of a golf league or team as each helps the golfer to feel part of something beyond oneself. Yes, it’s about improving one’s game, but it also becomes about getting the chance to see friends and share experiences on the course. The friends our kids make in golf become their “golf people” or golf family.  

Golf Families Through Youth on Course

While we’re at the course, let’s consider the number of employees and fellow golfers that our kids get to know. The golf employees and club members become familiar faces and are there to witness the evolution of our kids as golfers and people.  These members of the “club family” become fixtures in a golfer's memory. Going to the golf course gives golfers a regular spot to feel at home and recognized, where they know the people and routines, and feel like they belong. 

Even when YOC golfers try out other clubs, the atmosphere and environment cultivated on a golf course make golfers feel that they're a part of something. Knowing the game of golf - or learning the game of golf - invites golfers into a special club where all are welcome and made to feel like they're part of the golf family. 

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Finally, YOC is a golf family, and going to a YOC golf course is being part of a special club - a club that offers our kids the chance to play the game, learn life lessons, get exposed to opportunities through golf, and meet fabulous people. "I'm a YOC member" holds power, not only when golfers take advantage of their memberships by playing various courses, but a YOC membership holds value in conversations and relationships. YOC becomes an identifier, telling the world that this young golfer is open to learning the game, discovering new courses, and meeting new people - all because of golf.

This holiday season, we are thankful for the Youth on Course community, and all of the families created through golf.

Have a friend or peer who you'd like to join the YOC family? Click here for a link to invite them to become a Youth on Course member.