Team TaylorMade Set to Take on the 100 Hole Hike


One round of golf has the power to change everything. You could make a lifetime friend, meet a mentor or find your passion.

That's why our partnership with Youth on Course is so important. This amazing non-profit is all about accessibility and affordability when it comes to golf, ensuring that young people have the opportunity to experience all this great game has to offer...without the barrier of cost.

When you donate $5 or more to the Team TaylorMade 100 Hole Hike in support of Youth on Course, you'll be entered for a chance to win an exclusive Kingdom Experience and a full bag of equipment.

Why $5? Because thanks to Youth on Course, kids around the country have access to the game and can play a round for only $5. So, give a kid a round and earn a chance to visit The Kingdom.

Like we said, one round has the power to change everything.

Donate here.

- Team TaylorMade