Alumni Member Amber

Youth on Course got in a "Quick 9" with Alumni Network member Amber G. Amber is from Livermore, California and grew up playing at the Las Positas Golf Course. She shares her appreciation for the Youth on Course College Scholarship opportunity and the Alumni Network.

1. Who introduced you to the game of golf? 
My grandfather introduced me to golf! Funny enough, I was playing softball at the time and he showed me a paper that had the payouts of recent LPGA winners. Golf was also introduced to me as something I could play for the rest of my life. image_6487327-1

2. How did you get involved with Youth on Course?
I remember hearing about Youth on Course, and wanted to be able to practice golf, while playing beautiful courses in my area for $5 (a win win). 

3. Besides getting to play golf for $5 or less, what impact has Youth on Course made on your life thus far?
Without the Youth on Course College Scholarship, I would not have been able to attend college and would not be where I am now experience/career wise because of my education. Very grateful to Youth on Course!!

4. Who would be in your ideal golf foursome?
Probably Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Fred Couples!

5. Besides playing golf, what else do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, learning more about neuroscience, watching hockey (Go Sharks) and spending time with my dog Stifler and my boyfriend!

6. Where did you attend college and what did you  majored in?
I attended Santa Clara University, graduated this past June, majoring in neuroscience and minoring in Biology. 

7. What are you up to now?
Currently I work as a Practice Administrator for Anesthesia at John Muir Walnut Creek and Concord and two other nearby ambulatory surgery centers.

8. Why did you join the Alumni Network?
I joined the Alumni Network to stay in touch and give back when I can to Youth on Course. Admittedly, the benefits and events aren’t bad either!

9. What’s one random thing you always carry in your golf bag?
One random thing I have in my golf bag is a cammo golf glove that I used to twin and wear with my dad when I played with him! 
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