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YOC Leadership Council

The Youth on Course Leadership Council (YOCLC) is a group of highly motivated Youth on Course (YOC) members who work together to increase YOC's impact across the country. It also provides a channel for YOC members to have a voice in matters that affect them.

The Leadership Council is a great opportunity to get more involved with a nationwide organization, strengthen your communication and leadership skills, and make an impact!

What being a YOC Leadership Council member entails:

  1. Attend monthly web-based meetings
  2. Contribute to discussions about various YOC-related projects, opportunities, and areas of development
  3. And occasionally take on YOC Leadership Council-based assignments


  • You must be a current 8th through 12th-grade, active YOC member
  • Enthusiastic and highly motivated to make positive, tangible contributions to Youth on Course
  • Eager to share ideas and ask questions

Applications are now closed and will reopen in advance of the next school year.