Our Impact - Youth on Course

So much more than a game.

It’s not about the success on the course, but where that leads.

Helping young people is at the very heart of what we do.

Our members lives are bettered through their individual growth on the course and the connections they forge along the way. Some impact is subtle—more patience, problem-solving, fewer nerves, networking. And other impacts are transformative—attaining a scholarship for college and access to opportunities otherwise out of reach, as well as the confidence and support needed to succeed in life.

Our members’ stories are what fuel us, inspire us and drive us to do more.

To date, Youth on Course has subsidized

over 2,000,000 rounds of golf

140,000+ Members

1,800 Participating

$8 Million saved by families

$2 Million in Scholarships Awarded

97% of members say YOC has positively impacted their life.

80% of members say YOC has helped them develop their social skills.

88% of members say YOC has helped them exercise more.

82% say YOC has helped their family spend more time together.

80% say YOC has helped them improve their confidence.

Member Stories

Golf is more than a game. Providing access to affordable golf can have long-term impact on youth and their families.

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