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Top 10 Ways to Increase Revenue at your Course

Looking to increase your revenue in 2017? Who isn’t!? At Youth on Course we have seen a lot of different strategies with a lot of different courses over the years, and we have compiled what we believe is the top ten ways to increase revenue at your Youth on Course participating facility.


10. Use Youth on Course members to fill foursomes

  • Often times a Youth on Course member is looking to get out and play a quick round and they may come on their own or with one other person. Have the member join up with another unfilled group so you can free up the tee sheet for more full-paying members

9. Post your Youth on Course window decal and promotional materials in a prominent place so that people know you are a participating course 

  • Believe it or not, Youth on Course members like to play a variety of courses. Letting people know you are a participating facility will help drive more rounds to your course while ultimately promoting the program to new members. If someone comes in to your facility and doesn’t know about Youth on Course, tell them about it! You will see more rounds from more Youth on Course members. It is a win-win! Need more promotional materials? Contact us.

8. Invite local school teams to play on your course or host a match

  • Getting your course in the front of local school teams is a great idea. Hosting a match will increase your revenue by promoting practice rounds, the use of your practice facility, and getting kids out on your course in the future. As a bonus, you may even get coverage in a local newspaper.

7. Host a junior clinic or summer camp at your facility

  • It’s no easy task to organize a junior clinic or summer camp, but it can pay off dividends in the long run. Clinics help promote the game to new members and also build brand loyalty to your facility. Santa Teresa Golf Course in California (a top performing Youth on Course facility) is a stunning example of what a junior presence at a course can do for revenue.

6. Offer a 9-hole rate – or a 4-hole rate

  • If you don’t already do so, offer a 9-hole rate for Youth on Course members. Often times kids are playing after school or trying to get in a round before dark. A 9-hole rate is a great way to increase traffic to your facility. Already offer a 9-hole rate? Consider adding a 4-hole rate during daylight savings time for golfers that are trying to squeeze in a few holes before dark. (Youth on Course does not offer a subsidy for 4-hole rates, but it can be a great way to drive more golfers to you during the slow winter months.)

5. Allow Youth on Course parents to purchase carts to ride along with their child

  • It happens more often than you would think – a parent doesn’t play golf but their child does. Allowing¬†parents to rent carts, even when they are not playing golf, is an easy way to make a few extra dollars in a group.

4. Carry a few sets of youth golf club sets – including for rental

  • Not all Youth on Course members may have clubs, or maybe a Youth on Course member brings out a friend who is new to the game. Carrying a youth set of clubs for purchase or rent is a great opportunity for some extra revenue, and perhaps a new member in the near future!

3. Offer a slight discount to Youth on Course members on lessons with your head pro

  • We get a lot of calls at Youth on Course HQ requesting discounted lessons. Offering discounted lessons specifically for Youth on Course members is a great way to get a few extra lessons a year.

2. Offer affordable grab-and-go snacks at the turn

  • Kids are hungry, but they are often on a budget. Typically mom or dad will give them a $10 bill and send them out to play. Offer an affordable variety of grab-and-go snacks at the turn for golfers to swing in and spend a few extra dollars at your shop.

1. Increase your availability for Youth on Course

  • Restricting your times for Youth on Course members is understandable – but the more often you offer the Youth on Course rate, the more the members will come out to play – which ultimately will make you more $$. Need to update your Youth on Course availability? Send us a message here.