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The Joy of Golf

Anyone who’s ever golfed knows the feeling of sinking a 20-foot putt, nailing a drive, chipping the ball in for a birdie, or just turning around a day on the course with one good shot. Who doesn’t love those moments? Those are the times we remember for years, because they bring us great joy and pride, and also because we know that not every shot in golf is spectacular. Golfers learn from the beginning that golf has some frustrating moments, and it’s a game that requires a lifetime of practice and fine-tuning. 

Nevertheless, golfers persevere and come back to the game again and again. While sometimes a golfer might ask, “Why do I play this game?” Even in the most frustrating of moments, that golfer knows the answer. We golf because it brings us joy. 

Those joyful golf moments are different for everyone and can happen on and off the course, sometimes when we’re not even playing. And, we don’t even need to be golfers to experience this joy – we catch the feeling when we see our kids experience golf joy as they embrace the spirit of golf and feel the joy too. 

The joy of golf is the secret sauce that keeps the world of golf alive.

The obvious moments of joy – seeing ourselves improve as golfers.

It’s worth repeating that glorious shots and playing “in the zone” bring immense joy to golfers – young and old, new and experienced. Hitting a great shot on the course simply feels amazing. But, joyful moments aren’t exclusive to great shots hit during rounds of golf. There’s nothing better than hitting a bucket of balls and seeing progress with our irons. Or spending an hour practicing in the sand or on the green, and finally getting in the groove. Practice not only makes perfect, it makes us happy. The bottom line – anytime we experience success on the course stirs up feelings of joy. 

Speaking of our games, golf is forgiving as we age, and performance isn’t solely based on athletic abilities. We can get the satisfaction and joy of being good golfers throughout our lives, by making swing adjustments and becoming experts around the green. With these modifications, a golfer can still have great moments on the course. While young golfers might not understand or appreciate that golf is a lifetime sport until years later, they’ll understand someday. In the meantime, they can benefit from playing the game with parents and grandparents as they age, and make many joyful memories in the process.  

The joy of sharing the experience with others. 

While golf is an individualized sport, it’s complemented by the people we golf with. Golfing partners inevitably become close friends after experiencing both fun and challenging moments, and getting to know each through many hours of play. These partners celebrate each other’s great shots and learn how to blend encouragement with understanding when things get dicey. All of these things elicit feelings of camaraderie and joy as golf friendships grow.

What greater joy can a parent or grandparent experience than watching their child grow as a player and person while creating memories at the same time? When a parent or grandparent has the chance to share their love of the game, they can also sneak in invaluable life and character-building lessons, and as a result, witness the metamorphosis that occurs as the child develops as a golfer.  Plus, since golf is a lifetime sport, they’re investing in a very special future golf partner. Kids feel this joy too, as they spend hours at a time with their family members, with the attention completely on them. Years later, they’ll look back and see the value in the time that family members shared with them. 

Plus, the joy of watching a child grow in golf isn’t exclusive to fellow golfers – non-golfing family members also experience the joy as they witness their child’s large and small successes on the golf course.

The great outdoors

What greater joy can one imagine than spending a beautiful 75-degree day outside, getting exercise, and playing a game with friends or family? Even when playing solo or with strangers, the beautiful outdoors sets the stage for a fabulous time. The golf course offers a glimpse at nature in all of its forms – beautiful trees, pretty ponds (except when our ball lands in them), wildlife, and a chance to witness the changing seasons.

The joy of being a golfer 

The joy of golf boils down to one solid truth…being a golfer brings perhaps the greatest joy of all. As golfers, we discover joy in countless ways – by playing the sport of course,  but also by being a part of the golf world. Joy comes naturally as exposure to the game allows us to grow as golfers and people, learn about ourselves and our golfing partners, make new connections through golf, and experience new opportunities…all because of golf.  

When young golfers become part of Youth on Course…they not only get access to affordable rounds of golf, they get all of this as well. At this special time of year and always, we thank our members and supporters for your special role in helping young golfers and their families experience joy…all because of golf.

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