Learning Life Lessons: Leaje Morris | Youth on Course

Learning Life Lessons: Leaje Morris

Within minutes of meeting Leaje Morris – it becomes apparent how impactful Youth on Course has been in her life. The seemingly young woman is soft spoken at first – but it is her smile that speaks volumes.

Leaje started with Youth on Course in 2013. Prior to then, she had little exposure to golf. “This game has completely changed my approach to this world,” Leaje said,

Leaje and her mom at the Youth on Course Scholarship Luncheon

“In the game of golf you must gauge your course and mentally decide how close or far you should be from the ball, how high up the tee should be placed, which club would give the best flight and I take the similar approach to all situations in my life – I gauge the situation and I carefully decide the appropriate actions to take.”

Life hasn’t always been birdies and eagles for Leaje, who comes from a single-parent home. “Growing up in Richmond has had its adversities,” Morris explains. “As a victim of many obstacles, I have learned that without programs like Youth on Course, my success would have been impossible. The focus, discipline and life lessons that I have learned has really helped to guide me in the right direction while keeping me on the correct path and course.”

Leaje was selected to receive a $14,000 scholarship from Youth on Course in 2015. Thanks to her hard work in high school (she graduated with a GPA of 3.91) and the scholarship from Youth on Course, Leaje is attending UC Berkeley studying Political Science. She plans to one day attend Law School.

“The Youth on Course scholarship will allow me to concentrate on what is important, my college experience. The generosity of Youth on Course will place me even closer to my goals of one day being able to return to my community and help other students achieve success just as Youth on Course has helped me.”