Kelly Yu - Finding New Possibilities - Youth on Course

Kelly Yu – Finding New Possibilities

Kelly Yu is a Youth on Course intern at La Rinconada Country Club in Los Gatos, California. Coming into the internship, Kelly says she thought she knew the areas within the business that she wanted to learn about, but now having exposure to every team within the Club throughout the internship, she says her eyes were opened to new possibilities.

“Throughout my YOC internship, I have been able to work in practically every field at La Rinconada, some of which I was hesitant about at first. I did not believe I would like working in food and beverage or golf maintenance. However, over time, these fields have become my favorite and I have made some incredible memories.”

Tom Schunn, General Manager and COO at La Rinconada, says that this direct approach to the YOC internship is intentional, to give interns the most well-rounded experience; Kelly was exposed to the sports and recreation side of the business, retail and merchandising, catering and events, hospitality, as well as groundskeeping and technology on the agricultural side of the business.

“All of her experiences have been very ‘hands-on’,” says Tom. “Kelly is provided the opportunity to work in all areas, experiencing the diversity of what we do and of all of our teams at the Club. I think it broadened her view of how complex it is to manage the golf course. I think that her experiences here will translate into whatever her career path is.”

“Mr. Schunn has been extremely generous towards giving me opportunities to explore my interests. I have been able to see the behind-the-scenes of many different ‘industries’.” – Kelly

One of Kelly’s main goals through the Youth on Course internship was to gain confidence. She says that she learned how to carry herself in a professional country club setting, and was pleased with the opportunity to really get to know her coworkers and build meaningful connections and friendships as well.

“The Youth on Course internship has allowed me to build so many incredible connections with my coworkers. I’ve gained so much valuable knowledge from just simply talking with everyone I work with. I have had to become more responsible especially with being proactive when I have a question about what to do, but I have also learned how to carry myself in the work place and see what it will be like for me in the future when working. The supervisors hold you to a high standard, and this high standard has trained me to become a hardworking and respectful employee. I have learned tactics and tricks for handling stressful situations, too.”

Among every team that Kelly has had the opportunity to work, there was a general consensus that she is mature beyond her years.

“Everyone was very impressed with Kelly. She’s just so capable and that’s been a real treat to have her here,” says Tom.

As an added bonus, Kelly says that learning about what goes on behind the scenes at a golf course during her YOC internship has helped her game.

“My favorite memory as a YOC intern has been working and learning about golf course maintenance. The golf course superintendent took me around La Rinconada’s course and explained to me about what they do on a daily basis to keep the golf course in good condition. The knowledge that I’ve gained from this experience has had a positive impact on my own game!”

Kelly Yu in the La Rinconada Golf Shop with Assistant Merchandiser and former YOC Intern turned full time employee, Cyan Streicher.