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Rhodenbaugh Performance Golf Camp

Rhodenbaugh Performance Golf Camp

Six years ago, Rosemary Rhodenbaugh envisioned a way for local NorCal youth golfers to receive top instruction without the burden of cost. With a generous donation from Rosemary and her family, the Rhodenbaugh Performance Golf Camp was born.

The camp is held annually at Poppy Ridge Golf Course in Livermore, California and is attended by approximately 20 Youth on Course members – free of charge. Members are selected to attend the camp based on a brief application and their interest or involvement in competitive golf. The three-day camp allows members the opportunity to receive professional one-on-one swing analysis, top training tips, performance insights, and daily play at Poppy Ridge Golf Course.

With Rosemary’s vision and support, many youth golfers have been positively impacted by the camp.
“I had so much fun and I learned a ton of new things, I also improved my swing a lot.” – Sofia, 13
“I really enjoyed these past few days and I learned a lot of tips to help my game to improve. Thank you so much for making this experience possible for me!” – George, 15

Some of the most powerful outcomes of the Rhodenbaugh Performance Golf Camp have been the relationships built between participants, coaches, and teachers. Brenna, 14, shared what she loves most about golf and the opportunity to attend the Rhodenbaugh Camp:

“One thing I enjoy most out of any golfing activities is the ability to get together with lots of different people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. That’s exactly what the Rhodenbaugh Camp provided for me among many other things. I met other teens from so many different areas in Northern California. We all started off hesitant to meet and greet but if you know golf, walking 18 holes or spending 3-4 hours on a course together with someone, you can learn a lot about them. Building these connections and relationships with other teens who share the same interest, passion, and commitment is what I cherish most about the experience. These are kids that I can continue to call on or connect through with social media to give each other a “shout out” for an accomplishment or a “❤️️” during our rough struggles with our game or life in general.”

Without Rosemary and the Rhodenbaugh family paving the way, these outcomes would not have been possible.