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Quinn’s Brigade raises $255,000!

Every year, the incoming NCGA President is given a spot to play in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which has raised millions of dollars for charity since founder Bing Crosby moved his tournament to the Monterey Peninsula in 1947. This year, to no one’s surprise, the 2017 NCGA President and longtime Youth on Course supporter and board member, Pat Quinn, took a big idea and blew it out of the park. With the hopes of raising $100,000 for Youth on Course, Pat and longtime friend Bill Baron came up with the idea to ask for pledges from family and friends to create “Quinn’s Brigade.” Quinn’s Brigade more than doubled Pat & Bill’s expectations and officially raised $255,000 that will go directly to Youth on Course. Those who donated participated in a full day of festivities on Saturday, February 11th at the AT&T Pro-Am.

Pat Quinn and Matt Ginella in front of the Quinn’s Brigade flag Saturday morning

Saturday morning, the weather finally cooperated after a week of wind and rain. Quinn’s Brigade started to arrive at Poppy Hills Golf Course around 7am and were greeted with custom Quinn’s Brigade vests, umbrellas, tickets and credentials to this year’s new 10th tee charity deck, breakfast, and the best part: “Pat heads” (blown up pictures of Pat Quinn’s face to tote in the air at the tournament).

Right before Quinn’s Brigade was set to shuttle off to the 10th tee at Pebble beach, where Quinn would be teeing off at 12:15pm, everyone turned to the TV to watch Matt Ginella on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive segment on Youth on Course and the Pro-Am. Now that everyone was even more excited, Quinn’s Brigade made their moves to the 10th tee.

The crowd roared with cheers as Quinn’s Brigade unveiled the Brigade’s flag over the charity deck, allowing Pat to have the grandest of entrances with a giant smile on his face and fist bump in the air.

Pat teed off and everyone watched as his ball soared down the 10th fairway. When Pat moved, so did all 200+ of his Brigade. Pat was the only non-celebrity to play on Saturday at Pebble Beach, but with the following that he had, many thought he was one of the bigger celebrities to play that day. Everywhere there was a “Pat Head” there were instantly questions about “who is that?” “what’s Quinn’s Brigade?” and the Brigade proudly replied.

Pat Quinn and Adam Heieck present the check for $255,000 that will go directly to Youth on Course

To wrap up the long and exciting day, and after everyone watched and raised their Pat heads in the air as Pat birdied the 17th hole, Quinn’s Brigade came back to Poppy Hills and enjoyed food and drinks at Porter’s in the Forest and anxiously awaited for the arrival of Pat. Laughs and chatter filled the room before Matt Ginella, of the Golf Channel, spoke about his appreciation and support for the NCGA, Pat and Youth on Course.

“I found myself [at Poppy Hills] years ago when Robert Trent Jones, Jr. was speaking about the renovation, and it was Pat Quinn who pulled me aside and first told me about Youth on Course,” Ginella said. “I get chills talking about it, knowing where the program was then and where it is now.”

Ginella has been a vocal supporter of Youth on Course since he first heard of the program in 2013.

“At the end of the day, it’s really cool to inspire kids to play golf, but they still need go out and pay money to play the game – and because of Youth on Course the most they are going to pay is $5.”

Ginella then introduced a very special Youth on Course member and scholarship recipient, Meagan McEnery. Meagan spoke about what Youth on Course has meant to her and her family over the years. There were a few tears shed during her heartfelt speech and it was also a great reminder that Youth on Course has impacted lives not only on the course but off the course as well.

Last but not least, Pat Quinn took the microphone and after he got everyone laughing again he eagerly unveiled that Quinn’s Brigade had raised $255,000!

We cannot thank Pat, Matt, Meagan, the presenting sponsors and everyone who contributed to Quinn’s Brigade enough. It was a fun-filled day full of smiles and Pat heads.

What a day for Youth on Course!


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