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Make Your Summer Plans with TGA Sports Camps

Now’s the perfect time to get a jump start on finding the right summer camps for your child. We’ve done the research for you on TGA Sports Camps which conveniently includes a 1-year YOC membership at no cost, helping give kids affordable access to play golf to keep the learning going all year long. 

If you’re a parent who has struggled to find a learning environment that challenges your young golfer to build on their skills while also helping them have fun along the way, you’re not alone.

Thankfully TGA Sports has spent the past 17 years perfecting their model of creating a player pathway for kids of all ages and abilities. The program’s roots began rather poetically, in a school’s outdoor hallway no wider than 15-feet where founder Joshua Jacobs taught the very first students who would participate in TGA’s now well-known model. 

Fast-forward to today, what began with 17 students in one after-school camp has grown into a nationwide program reaching more than 775,000 kids across the U.S. and Canada and offering more than just after-school learning, but leagues, clinics, virtual classes and even sports-themed birthday parties. Its curriculum has been approved by the USGA and earned TGA status as a partner of the After School Alliance. 

TGA Sports’ programs are centered on progressing students’ beyond just the fundamentals of golf and coaching them through situational drills and games to reinforce their learning. Thinking outside of the box (or gymnasium in many cases) is what brings TGA’s golf programming beyond just stance and swing, offering kids the chance to learn through STEAM labs – activities that help them explore academic concepts like gravity and force and how they can be applied to the game.   

Designed for all ages and abilities, the TGA Sports curriculum allows students to set goals to achieve and progresses them through a five-level program at their own pace. In each class, students develop their core skills and an understanding of the history, rules, etiquette, and vocabulary of golf.

Parents are finding that TGA Sports is helping their children become more well-rounded athletes and building traits that will help them beyond the golf course too. With week-long, half-day and full-day camps, TGA offers flexibility and support during holidays, spring break, and the summer months plus affordability for families.

If TGA Sports sounds like it might be a fit for your young golfer, be sure to visit their website to find a program near you. A 1-year Youth on Course membership is conveniently included at no cost for TGA Sports participants, helping kids and families access the golf course to keep the learning going all year long.