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Leaving a Legacy: What I Give and Gain from Youth on Course

For Linda Rindt, learning to play golf over 30 years ago was not as easy of a beginning as she had hoped. Like many new golfers, she found the game perplexing. “I was introduced to the game of golf by my husband, Roger. During that very first lesson, I was horrible. I’ve always prided myself on being someone who loved and felt comfortable playing sports my whole life, but golf was hard—I didn’t understand how I could be so bad. But I realized playing this sport was a great way to challenge myself and eventually decided to commit myself to an ‘I can do better!’ mindset.”

Almost immediately, Linda began to play golf as much as she could and discovered a few of the hidden benefits the sport offered. “I loved being outside, getting into a focus between me and the game, and the ability to meet all kinds of people and share something of high interest and passion with them. I also loved that the game is so reflective of life. In both, things don’t always go the way you want no matter how you hard you try, and you get out of them what you put in.”

As she continued playing, her passion for golf grew. Linda and Roger soon became more connected with the Northern California Golf Association, playing tournaments, attending events, and taking trips to play golf all over the world. While she had always done charity work, mostly in education, Linda soon came to the conclusion that she wanted to make a larger impact on the lives of more youth through her philanthropy. “One day, Roger said to me ‘As much as you love golf, you should think about doing something with it.’ In that moment he had helped me realize that I could help create a positive impact on youth through the sport I’d grown to cherish.”

Linda realized that while the cost to play golf was not a barrier for her, it was for many others. “I love that golf is a sport that anyone can play—young or old, any gender or race. But—golf isn’t an inexpensive sport, and many youth and minorities can easily be dissuaded from playing because of that.” Not long after making that revelation, Linda discovered the nonprofit Youth on Course and realized their mission to expand affordable access to golf would be something very meaningful for her to support. “As much joy as golf has given me, the least I can do is to help spread it and share it as much as I can. Youth on Course marries my love of golf and my desire to help youth, providing opportunity and access that they may not otherwise have.”

Thanks to her parents and her upbringing, Linda knows she has been very fortunate in life. “I need to do a lot, as much as I can to help others because why else am I given all these opportunities and financial resources? Donating to Youth on Course makes me feel that I did not waste nor take for granted my good fortune. I have an ability to help others and this is the way I choose to contribute most of my means.” Helping to subsidize so many rounds of golf for young people who can experience the unique lessons and benefit the game offers brings Linda great joy. She’s also proud to have helped nearly 30 Youth on Course members earn their college degree by providing with 4-year college scholarships since 2013. “I am even more honored to pledge my continued support so that more Youth on Course members have an easier time with the cost of college.”

Some of Linda’s best experiences have been meeting and talking with scholarship recipients at Youth on Course’s annual scholar luncheon. “I have found that those who receive support and who you touch with your help are more likely to turn around become helpers themselves, and that’s huge.” During YOC’s 2017 scholarship luncheon Linda met a young scholarship recipient whose story would stick with her well beyond the event. “I was so impressed with how far this young woman had come since her childhood and was really drawn to her,” Linda said, “She was so nervous about speaking in front of an audience, worrying she’d stumble up to the stage in the too-big-heels she’d borrowed from her grandmother. I reminded her to go slowly and even if she did trip, it wouldn’t matter. She made it up to the stage and gave one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve ever heard. I love that she and I have continued to exchange emails occasionally since then.”

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Linda is someone who lives every day to the fullest while still planning for the future and her legacy.  “It is important to me that I’m a good person and I am always mindful to do good things. In order to further support the work of Youth on Course, I have included the organization in my living trust. With no children of my own, and the good fortune I have had, I am so happy to know that my legacy will live on through Youth on Course, though I won’t be around to see the impact. Including them in my living trust just makes sense to me- I love this organization and what it does. I am so happy that I will be able to give Youth on Course support for years to come, allowing them to further give youth access to golf and allowing those participants to gain all of the lessons that golf gives.”

“I am so thankful that Roger introduced me to golf all those years ago. I still play just about every other day and continue to learn about myself and the game. As much as golf has given me, as much as I am passionate about it and enjoy the game, I am equally passionate to help as many young people as possible get into the game and understand what it can do for their lives. I am thankful to be able to support Youth on Course’s mission and efforts, and I look forward to how they will continue to grow and how many youth they will be able to help.”