Hundred Hole Hike | Youth on Course

Hundred Hole Hike

In September 2019, supporters across the country will take on the daunting task of playing 100 holes in one day (no carts!) to raise money and awareness for Youth on Course. Hikers are asked to secure donations prior to the event and then walk and play all 100 holes of golf – earning donations with every hole completed.

To support the Hikers and Youth on Course, you can donate any amount towards anyone participating for each hole of golf they play. For example, if you donate $1 per hole and the golfer plays 100 holes, that’s $100 towards Youth on Course. Hikers will be playing from sunup to sundown, walking 20+ miles, and taking hundreds of swings. It will be a fun, but challenging day and your backing will help keep Hikers going!


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