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How Applying for College is Like a Round of Golf

The college admission and scholarship application process can be a daunting and time consuming period. The stress of both the uncertainty for admission to your top schools and the financial commitment to attend can weigh heavily on a family. But if you will devote the time and energy it can be very rewarding and beneficial as you get ready to begin your college experience.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Make sure you provide all of the necessary information that is being asked in the application process. 
  2. Apply early decision/action to your #1 school if the option is available. More students get accepted when they do this vs the regular admissions process. 
  3. In order to increase your chances of being accepted make sure you apply to a range of schools that include both dream schools and realistic options. Don’t hope for the best at only your dream schools, give yourself the chance to have options and back up plans.
  4. Keep in mind that schools are doing their homework on an applicant’s online and social media presence, so always remember that needs to be considered before you post anything inappropriate or misleading.
  5. When listing groups and accomplishments make sure you spell out the organizations, don’t use acronyms or initials. Don’t be afraid to include a long list of these, it’s your time to brag on all that you have done and ways you are being a leader, giving back, and making a difference. Just be honest!
  6. Include any work experience and church/family responsibilities.
  7. Make sure you understand the essay question(s) and you answer for what they are asking. Try not to get off topic or change the subject. You can have someone check your grammar and spelling, but it needs to be your work as the applicant, not someone else writing it for you. 
  8. Participate in interviews during the admissions process if they are offered, even if it’s optional. Face to face conversations will go a long way in making an even better impression.
  9. Take the initiative to do a campus tour and participate in events and activities that are offered through the admissions, academic or athletic departments.
  10. Follow the school’s social media and participate in webinars or seminars that are offered. This will provide great insight and talking points for the application process and interviews.
  11. Give your references plenty of time (at least 2 weeks) to write a letter of recommendation and make sure it’s someone that will take the time to write a well-written and thorough letter. Be sure you provide the details on what you are applying for and why you need the letter. Try to avoid asking family members. 

If you are applying for a college scholarship, make sure you understand the mission of the organization that is providing the scholarship application. The more you are able to connect and relate to their mission, the higher your chances of being picked for that scholarship.

The college application process is a lot like a round of golf – you have to come into it with the right mindset, take your time, and most importantly try to have fun and enjoy the process. You’ve invested time into being a great student, this is your opportunity to show off all of the wonderful things that make YOU great!

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