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Why a high school golfer should get involved with Youth on Course

Youth on Course (YOC) provides life-changing opportunities for youth golfers. One of the most recognizable opportunities is access to affordable golf. Take a look at some of the many reasons why you should get involved with Youth on Course:

  1. Receive a USGA Handicap number

As a YOC member, you are also a part of your state’s Allied Golf Association. You’ll receive a membership card with an official USGA Handicap number (YOC membership number) that allows you to post your scores, track your progress and play golf for $5 or less at participating facilities. Your handicap number is what helps you level the playing field with others – it is also important to establish a handicap number if you want to enter competitions or tournaments.

  1. Play golf for $5 or less (we’re serious)

Once you receive your Youth on Course membership number, you can start playing golf at more than 1,200 courses across North America. With more access to facilities, it means playing a variety of courses to help improve your game, too. Your YOC membership works in all participating regions and at all participating facilities. There is no limit to how many times you can play golf for $5 or less. So, get practicing! Check out some of GolfWeeks top-ranked courses that YOC members can play for $5! Oh, and this championship course, too.

  1. Get social – Meet new friends and make connections

One of the best aspects of golf is spending time (~4 hours) on a golf course and getting to know the people you are paired up with. Whether it’s family or friends that you already know or joining a threesome of people you don’t – golf gives you the quality time to socialize and learn something new about others. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet your role model.

2019 YOC Scholar, Anh-Dao, Kansas City Golf Association YOC member
  1. College Scholarships 

We know that college is more expensive than ever. Youth on Course awards more than $250,000 a year to deserving high school graduates who are in the pursuit of higher education. Scholarships are based on both need and merit. Applications open in January each year.

In Northern California, YOC members have access to additional opportunities – including the Youth on Course Caddie and Internship program. California members can learn more about these employment opportunities here.


So, have we convinced you yet? Join Youth on Course and gain access to life-changing opportunities.