Day of Giving supports $1 rounds on #YOCday - Youth on Course

Day of Giving supports $1 rounds on #YOCday

On July 27, 2017 Youth on Course held the first ever Day of Giving in order to fund higher subsidies (typical subsidy is $6, #YOCDay subsidy is $10) that accompany the annual $1 rounds of golf on #YOCDay.

The initial Day of Giving goal was set at $10,000 – which would cover 1,000 $1 rounds. Early in the day a generous donor came forward and pledged $5,000 towards our goal and challenged us to raise the final $5,000.

Youth on Course Day of Giving was off to a great start, and by midday, it was clear that we would hit our $10,000 goal. A┬ástretch goal of $12,000 was put into place, and with only a few hours before the end of the day, the staff was anxious to meet the new goal in time. With the help of members, golf courses, and participating state and regional golf associations spreading the word via email and social media, we crushed both goals raising a total of $12,900 – enough to cover 1,290 rounds of golf on #YOCDay.

For one day each year – #YOCDay – Youth on Course members across the country can play an entire round of golf for the price of $1 – instead of the normal $5 Youth on Course rate. This year, #YOCDay followed the Day of Giving and was held on July 28. For $1 members could spend about 4 hours outside, exercising, with family or friends at any of our 650+ participating facilities. In total, 1,064 rounds were played on #YOCDay this year.

Youth on Course would like to thank our participating facilities and Day of Giving supporters.
We couldn’t have pulled off this incredible day for our members without you. Thank you!