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Creative Ways Golfers Around the World are “Playing” Golf in Quarantine

The world no doubt looks differently than it did just a few short weeks ago, but despite the challenges so many of us are facing to stay connected to the sports we love, golfers across the globe have discovered some truly innovative ways to keep playing while practicing social distancing indoors.

Check out these creative ways players are showcasing their love for golf inside and in their backyards:

1.) #GolfAtHome 

Participants of The First Tee are putting their DIY skills to the test by creating indoor mini-golf holes using household items in the #GolfAtHome challenge. Here’s a look at some of the unique creations shared so far:


Share your own work of art on social media using the hashtag #GolfAtHome for a chance to be featured.


2.) 3-Point Chip-ins with Steph Curry

NBA player Steph Curry is spending some of his the time away from the basketball court working on his golf game.

He shared this video of a perfectly struck pitch shot which sent his golf ball flying off his door (i.e. backboard) and into a cup of water. Not too shabby!


4.) “Ladder Drills” with Sarah Kemp

It goes without saying that Ladies European Tour player Sarah Kemp’s short game skills are pretty sharp:


5.) Girls Golf’s Water Bottle Challenge

Inspired by former NFL running-back Reggie Bush’s daughter, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf members are taking on the #WaterBottleChallenge, playing target practice in their backyard, garages and even down staircases.



Grab a water bottle and find a safe spot with your parent’s permission, then give this challenge a try for yourself.


6.) Headcover Karaoke

Players on the Ladies European Tour are taking their love for golf to the next level. They’re challenging each other to virtual karaoke with a bit of golf flair.

Player Ali Whitaker’s rendition of the theme song from the Titanic movie is our pick for most creative:



Are you coming up with creative ways of your own to keep your golf bug alive while practicing social distancing? Show them off by tagging us on social media at @yocgolf.