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Celebrating 2 Million Youth on Course Rounds!

It took 15 years for Youth on Course members to play their first million rounds, but in just the past two years alone they’ve doubled that number. Youth on Course members have officially played 2,000,000 rounds of golf using their YOC memberships. Each one of those rounds represents so much more than a day chasing fairways and greens. It’s time spent challenging themselves, connecting with others, spending time with loved ones, and experiencing the life lessons that will stick with them way beyond their time on the course.

14-year-old San Jose California native, Eric Huang, was the lucky YOC member who played the 2 millionth round. He’s been a Youth on Course member since he was 6 years old and has played over 320 rounds of golf using his membership. He credits YOC for allowing him to spend more time with his family and bond with his older sister, who he says is his inspiration to play. Click here to meet Eric and hear more about his experience with Youth on Course.

“Youth on Course has really helped me get my golf game up and running. I wouldn’t be able to play half as many rounds without my membership. You can only learn so much on the practice areas and the driving range, but you can’t actually use those skills until you get out onto the course, which Youth on Course helped me do.”
Click here to watch the 2,000,000 rounds celebration video!

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Here’s to the next 2,000,000!