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Caddie Program

Youth ages 14-18 in Northern California are eligible for a summer job in our Caddie Program! Earn great money, work outside in a beautiful environment, make your own schedule and network with new people. No golf knowledge or equipment needed.

The Youth on Course Caddie program is a fun and exciting way for teens to join the workforce and make a minimum of $60 per round!.

Youth ages 14-18 can apply for our caddie program. We will show you everything you need to know about being a caddie at a group orientation.

You will earn $60 a loop, but one of the best parts of caddying is that if you do a good job you can make great tips as well. Caddies to College (based on financial need) will earn an additional $50 into a college scholarship fund after every loop.

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Why become a caddie

Caddying is a fun way to meet new people, work outside, and earn good money on your own schedule. You do not have to have work experience to join the caddie program, we'll help you learn what you need to know! All you need is a way to get to the course, a great attitude, good walking shoes, maybe some sunglasses, and access to a smartphone for booking your loops. Caddying also opens up opportunities for scholarships for those with financial need.

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YOC Caddie Earns Full Ride to College

Youth on Course member and caddie, Meagan, is proof that hard work and determination pays off. Meagan attends The University of Washington on a full-ride scholarship through the prestigious Evans Scholars Foundation. Learn more about Meagan's experience and the opportunities caddying can provide

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2019 Caddie Locations

Almaden Golf & Country Club, San Jose

California Golf Club, South San Francisco

Claremont Country Club, Oakland

Contra Costa Country Club, Pleasant Hill

Del Rio Country Club, Modesto

La Rinconada Country Club, Los Gatos

Menlo Country Club, Woodside

The Olympic Club, San Francisco

Poppy Hills Golf Course, Pebble Beach

San Jose Country Club, San Jose

Sequoyah Country Club, Oakland

Serrano Country Club, Sacramento

Valley Hi Country Club, Elk Grove

Caddie Scholarships

Youth ages 14-18 with financial need can start saving early for college by caddying through our Caddies to College program. Caddies to College is the same program as the caddie program, except participants earn a minimum of $50 per round plus $50 into a college scholarship fund after every loop. Caddies with a strong caddie record, excellent academics, outstanding character and demonstrated financial need are also eligible for the Chick Evans Scholarship – a full tuition and housing scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a caddie? What do they do?

In golf, a caddie is a person who carries a player’s bag and clubs during a round of golf. Sometimes the caddie may give a golfer advice or moral support, but mainly a caddie is someone who is in charge of equipment.

Traditional caddying involves both the golfer and the caddie walking the course together. The caddie is in charge of carrying the player’s bag. The caddie is also responsible for taking care of the course as the players move through – raking sand and fixing spots on the green. (You will learn this at orientation!)


What is a Fore-Caddie?

Fore-Caddying entails the caddie walking ahead while the players ride in carts. The fore-caddy will watch for the ball to land – making sure they spot it in long grass or tree areas – and point out its location to keep golfers moving along.


What do I wear as a caddie?

Caddies will wear a uniform that we provide for a small fee. Underneath the uniform, you should wear comfortable shorts or pants and an appropriate t-shirt or collared shirt. Comfortable walking shoes are a must! You will be walking.


Do I have to play golf to be a caddie?

Nope! You do not need to play golf or know anything about golf to be a caddie. At orientation, you will learn how to be a caddie and you will be prepared before going out on the course. All you need is a can-do attitude and a good pair of walking shoes.


Where can I caddie?

In Northern California, there are several locations where you can caddie. If there are numerous locations near where you live, you are welcome to caddie at multiple locations.


How do I learn to Caddie?

There will be a caddie orientation. We will show you how to be a caddie – everything from how to rake the sand, how to answer questions golfers may have and how to fix the golf course as you go. We will set you up for success at our orientations.

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